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Dedicated individual who spent three years at a community college before transfering to the University of California, San Diego. Throughout my academic journey, I worked part-time, which has honed my time management skills and taught me the importance of balancing responsibilities effectively. I take pride in being a good team worker, as collaboration and cooperation are essential values I believe in. I am always eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to help achieve common goals and create a positive impact. My passion for learning, strong work ethic, and excellent time management abilities drive me to seek new opportunities and make a difference in the world.


Portrait Image University of California, San Diego (2020 - PRESENT)

Relevant Courses

Portrait Image Pasade City College (2017-2020)


Graphing Calculator
Interactive Game
9-bit Processor


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Email: eliel.granados@example.com

Phone: +1 (323) 443-4084